Abe Northcutt, Wichita High School East Security Guard has Died, Cause of Death

Abe Northcutt, Wichita High School East Security Guard has Died, Cause of Death | Obituary News

Wichita High School East Security Guard Abe Northcutt passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, November 22nd early morning. Since the news came out the whole East High Family is in deep pain and shock.

Who Was Abe Northcutt?
Abe Northcutt was a brave man and worked as a security guard at Wichita High School. He was considered a pillar of East High School for many years, primarily worked in the Go Zone, the parking lot, and B-Building. When it comes to his personal life, he tied the knot with Jami Minnick. They have two children named Abella and Cayman.

How Abe Northcutt Died? Cause of the Death Explained?
One of Wichita High School East’s security guards, Abe Northcutt, tragically died on Tuesday, November 22, 2022. The specific cause of his unexpected death is not yet known or made public by anyone at this time. His sudden passing news left everyone in tears.

Sara Richardson, a principal of East High School, posted a picture of Abe Northcutt in his remembrance.

She wrote,

“I need to inform you of sad news. One of our security guards, Abe Northcutt, died unexpectedly early morning on November 20th. His death news comes as a shock to the whole East High Family, he has been a pillar of this school for the past few years and a proud East High Alum.

“He loved working at his alma mater. Abe has frequently been seen in the GO ZONE, B-Building, and the parking lot. We will be missed him terribly. We’ll have additional counselors in the building tomorrow for staff and students as needed.”

Funeral Arrangements
The news about the funeral of Abe Northcutt is unavailable at the time of writing. However, reportedly, they will soon release further information regarding his last rites.

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