Brian Warren, Death and Obituary, Hit and Run Victim Identified in Angleton

After seeing a social media post about a man killed by a hit and run driver, Breah Warren took photos to the Angleton Police Department, where her worst fears were confirmed.

“I found out myself around 11:10 a.m,” Warren said. “I saw the Facebook post the police department posted and had some weird feeling telling me it was him.”

Afterward, she went to the police department to show pictures of her dad, 46-year-old Brian Warren, she said. She confirmed the body through his tattoos, she said.

Brian Warren had been hit at about 2:10 a.m. Friday between South Velasco Street and Cemetery Road, and his body left in the road, authorities said. Officers shut down the southbound lanes for about five hours while they investigated, an Angleton Police news release stated.

The man did not have any ID on him, and police did not know who it was until Breah Warren came forward. They are waiting on fingerprint confirmation from the medical examiner’s office to make the identification official, Angleton Police Sgt. Ernest DeLosSanto said.

Police have determined a dark-colored pickup truck hit Brian Warren and kept going, DeLosSanto said. They are still trying to locate the truck, he said.

Breah Warren believes her father was on his way to a corner store to get food or a drink, and that’s why he was walking the road, she said.

“The person responsible for our father’s death needs to come forward because he didn’t deserve to die that way,” she said. “He was a loving father and loved his grandkids and that person took that away from him.”

Investigators are still gathering video evidence from businesses in the vicinity, DeLosSanto said.

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