Bryon Childers Death and Obituary, Victim Killed By Deputy In Adams County Identified

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office deputy who shot and killed a man last week has been put on administrative assignment, officials with the Wisconsin Department of Justice said Thursday.

According to the latest update from DOJ’s Division of Criminal Investigation, Deputy Jacob Bean shot and killed 61-year-old Bryon Childers on Sept. 7 after law enforcement got a report of a man walking on a county road while armed with a gun.

When Bean encountered Childers, he reportedly learned that the 61-year-old had active felony warrants filed against him. After Bean made contact with Childers, Childers reportedly pulled out his gun. Bean then shot and killed him.

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Law enforcement reportedly recovered a gun at the scene where Childers died. While DCI officials did not say whether or not Childers fired his gun, they said no law enforcement officers, including Bean, were injured during the incident.

Bean was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting, though that footage has not been released publicly.

Officials said Bean was put on administrative assignment, per the Adams County Sheriff’s Office’s policy. He has six years of law enforcement experience, according to DCI.

Authorities with DCI said investigators are still reviewing evidence from the incident and will turn over their reports to the Adams County District Attorney when their investigation has wrapped up. The DA will then determine whether or not Bean will face charges for killing Childers.

All law enforcement agencies involved are reportedly cooperating with DCI.

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