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Bryan Bresee and the Clemson football team recently finished processing an emotional draining set of tragic events. Additionally, his family has been dealing with difficult times.

Bresee, a junior defensive tackle, lost his 15-year-old sister Ella to brain cancer last week. Her funeral was held Tuesday in Maryland.

Clemson Football head coach Dabo Swinney comforted Bryan Bresee’s family during a public press conference. According to Dabo Swinney, Bryan Bresee’s wife Ella had written something joyful the day before that offered her family some peace. Swinney also said that Bryan would have to deal with the emotions connected to his loss for the rest of his life. However, he was surrounded by a supportive family and wonderful teammates— both of which Swinney expected Bryan to look forward to seeing again soon.

Dabo Swinney — head coach of Clemson and several other Clemson program members — spent the day with the Bresee family. They described the day as both good and difficult.

During his speech, Swinney said, “What a beautiful celebration of Ella,” he said. “It was amazing. A lot of players were able to go to the event; every speaker did an excellent job of reflecting on what Ella meant to a lot of people, as well as her joy and beauty.”

During the first home game of Clemson University, Ella was in attendance. However, she became very sick and was forced to leave campus. She had to be taken back to Washington DC for treatment.

Clemson’s young students, coaches, and mentors were deeply impacted by the loss of someone they loved. They found comfort in the dying girl’s message and her fight to the end.

This weekend, Clemson — ranked No. 5 — will face Wake Forest’s No. 21 Demon Deacons away from home. The Tigers have a road warrior mentality and believe they can win at away games.

During his press conference, Swinney said that the tragedy gave everyone a chance to have deeper discussions beyond football. According to him, this is one of those moments in life when people can be vulnerable and experience some good perspectives on life.

Ella wrote a letter about her cancer diagnosis and the impact it had on her life. She said that she chooses to look at the bright side of everything and make the most out of every day. She encourages everyone else to do the same and to not hold grudges. Additionally, Ella mentioned how cancer changed her and encouraged others to appreciate all the things they have to enjoy. Her closing statements were great; she encouraged everyone to always tell the people they love that they love them.

Swinney said Ella’s gratitude for each day inspired him.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney quoted Ella Fitzgerald when he said, ‘You don’t hold grudges.’ Then he added, ‘In order to live each day to the fullest, you must love and forgive.’ We should value today because there are no guarantees for tomorrow.

While giving a statement this week, Swinney revealed that Clemson’s equipment manager and graduate assistant Noah Harvin lost his mother in a terrible car accident. She was driving from the Sumter, South Carolina area to Clemson when the accident happened.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said that these unfortunate events provide a chance for people of all ages to see what’s important and how they should treat each other. At the same time, these events also provide an opportunity to find joy in every moment and every event that life presents to them.

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