Erick Adame photos and videos leaked and viral on twitter and reddit

Erick Adame claims he lost his job as the morning weatherman for Spectrum News NY1 because of an appearance on an adult cam site that leaked.

By posting the news on Monday via Instagram, Adamo hoped to prevent other people from controlling the story of his life.

Adame wrote that he was not able to disagree with his psychiatrist calling his actions compulsive. He secretly appeared on a private adult cam website acting out his compulsive behaviors for other men.

This was completely consensual for both parties involved. Even though I thought it was possible to keep this information private and out of the public eye, my employer found out. Consequently, I was fired or put on suspension.

Clayborne Repka states, “I cannot take back what I did, and I can’t change it. However, I am getting the necessary help to make appropriate decisions so that my career and the people I care about aren’t affected by my actions in the future.

First and foremost, I ask that you forgive me for any embarrassment or humiliation caused. You expected and desired better from me. My co-workers, audience, family and friends were hurt by my behavior— and rightfully so.

Adame clarifies that he is not offended by accusations about his sexuality stemming from his appearance on the website.

The article explains that the writer is a public figure and acknowledges that having benefits comes with certain responsibilities. However, the writer states that they aren’t ashamed of being sex-positive or openly homosexual. They state that these are gifts and that they have no shame about them.

He respectfully asked potential future employers to consider the many hours of high-quality television he’s proud of. He also asked them not to judge him by a couple minutes of inappropriate footage that probably wouldn’t define him in a culture that thrives on clickbait.

The Daily Beast initially reported on the lawsuit he filed against Unit 4 Media Ltd. to find the identity of the anonymous user who leaked content from him on an adult website.

Variety requested comment from Spectrum News, which Adame has worked as a meteorologst since 2007. Neither the channel nor anyone working for it responded to the request.

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