Ezra Death and Obituary, Los Angeles Baby Abandoned in a Big Hole Got Help a Little Too Late

Ezra Death and Obituary, Baby Abandoned in a Big Hole Got Help a Little Too Late

Some homeless men walking the streets of Los Angeles looking for a warm place for the night. As they got close to a bridge that goes over the highway, they heard muffled sounds. They moved closer and saw a big hole in the ground with something inside. The sounds were coming from the hole! One man quickly moved down the embankment to see what it was, his friends followed him but one stayed on the road.

Just at that time, the man on the road saw a patrol car coming down the off-ramp. The man frantically started waving his arms to get their attention. The patrol car pulled over and the police officer got out.

‘The police officer got his flashlight and moved toward the hole, at the same time calling for back up. His teammates were close by and made their way to the scene.

When they arrived, a lady police officer got out and ran down the embankment. There was a baby in the hole. She picked up the baby and went inside the car, the baby closed his eyes and tried to open them, failing to do so. He kept moaning and dozed off. His hands were frozen, his lips were blue and he was extremely cold. It did not look like he was going to survive.

The police officers took him straight to hospital for a medical check-up and once cleared, they took him Door of Hope. The paediatrician estimated him to be about 6 weeks old. The name he was given was Ezra which means ‘Help’. He settled in quickly and was showered with love and comfort.

Just over a month later, very early one morning, baby Ezra began to struggle with his breathing. It all happened so quick! There was no time to waste, he was taken to casualties where they admitted him to ICU in no time. The doctor put him on a ventilator, he was failing. They moved him onto an oscillator but that did not work either.

At one stage they had to resuscitate him but in a matter of a couple of hours, the little warrior could fight no more and he sadly passed away that night. His little body and lungs had been fighting since the day his was left out in one of the coldest nights that winter. He survived unsafe abandonment only to die from the consequences thereof.

At least he experienced much love and comfort in his short little life. Had he been safely relinquished through a baby saver, we may very well be listening to his laughter right now. In stead, we mourn him and so many others that die from unsafe abandonment.

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