Garnet Walker Dead and Obituary, Cause of Death – What Happened?

Garnet Walker Dead and Obituary, Cause of Death – What Happened?

Life at the SEC is fast-paced, and the South Carolina Cockers face an early test as early as Week 2 as they head to No. 16 Arkansas. The Razorbacks feature the impressive K.J. Jefferson that’s what the GABA gang had in mind.

Kody: Well, to be honest – I don’t feel good about it. While Cincinnati’s 2022 roster will certainly be different from its 2021 playoff roster, it’s still a great way for Arkansas to start the new season and continue the strong effort it made last year on the court.

The old adage that a team’s most significant improvement occurs between Weeks 1 and 2, and the Gamecocks would prefer that to be the case — and, of course, that adage applies to the Razorbacks as well. Jefferson scares me because he’s almost the kind of platonic concept that destroys South Carolina’s quarterbacks, and I’m also bothered by Hoggs’ wild offense after Georgia State averaged 5 yards per drive last week.

However, Arkansas’ secondary is showing some softness, and with Spencer Rattler in the middle, South Carolina could have the upper hand there. Regardless, I think the Razorbacks are ahead of what USC was trying to achieve and will go away with a 31-21 victory. I hope the Gamecocks can at least make this game four quarters and show some toughness on the streets.

Brent: As someone who grew up watching the Gamecocks take on Arkansas, I don’t know what it’s like to go to any sport in Fayetteville. Baum Walker Stadium is not friendly to baseball teams, Bud Walton Arena is not friendly to basketball teams, and Razor Barker Stadium is also a tough venue for football teams. I think one good thing is that this game is not going to happen in Little Rock where the Gamecocks are 0-4.

Razorback Stadium is where the Gamecocks go 3-4 with just three wins. In 2007, I still have nightmares about McFadden, Jones and Hillis running wild on the Gamecocks. Unfortunately, the Razorbacks have another physical monster in quarterback KJ Jefferson’s offense. I believe Gamecock’s offense is a step up from last week, and Spencer Rattler was doing well on Saturday. One thing South Carolina can’t afford is to settle for field goals, they have to score touchdowns.

My question is, can the Gamecocks have a good start on the streets? In 2021, the Gamecocks went 63-13 in the first quarter on the road. If this trend for Gamecocks continues, it will be a long day. I would win the Razorbacks 35-27. But if the Gamecocks can get an early lead on offense, I believe it’s a game they can win.

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