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Capital is one of the currencies in Gundam Evolution that players can use to unlock brand new units. Specifically, each unit in the game can be unlocked with 1,980 capital, and no real money is required to earn that amount of currency. However, some players may not be sure how to earn capital in Gundam Evolution, and this guide aims to clarify that.

Players interested in earning money should first focus on completing all the beginner challenges that can be accessed by clicking on the challenge banner on the home screen.

In fact, these challenges award funds upon completion, and fans should have enough cash to unlock a unit after completing all of them. However, Gundam Evolution players cannot complete all beginner challenges at once, as they must be completed within a few days.

Fans can also claim some cash from the Gundam Evolution season pass free track, which can be viewed by clicking on the season pass banner on the home screen. More specifically, players who reach level 18 in the Season Pass will receive 1,000 capital, and players who reach level 58 will receive another 1,000 capital.

As such, hero shooter fans are advised to put some effort into consistently completing the game’s daily and weekly challenges so that they can progress through the Season Pass tier.

One thing to note is that in Gundam Evolved, there are many ways to unlock units without funds, although they all require the player to use real money. For example, fans can unlock a unit for 990 EVO Coins (the game’s premium currency).

While players are currently unable to purchase EVO coins, that will change on September 23rd at 7pm PST. In fact, at this point, fans can purchase this premium currency from the in-game store and go on to unlock the characters they want.

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