James Thomas Edwards Death and Obituary 50-year-old Man Dies after Jumping off Bridge in Pascagoula, Mississippi Pursuit

50-year-old James Thomas Edwards of Morgan City, Louisiana has been identified as the person killed after jumping off a bridge in a Pascagoula, Mississippi pursuit. It happened on Friday, Saturday, September 30, 2022.

According to Jackson County Coroner Bruce Lynd Jr., the man died from wounds sustained Friday night in Pascagoula, Mississippi, after he collided with the earth below the bridge rather than the water.

When Edwards entered the city limits, Jackson County sheriff’s deputies who had been pursuing him on a roadway outside of Pascagoula turned back, according to Chapman. He claimed Edwards drove at a high rate of speed through the town until a tire on his car failed on the bridge.

The man allegedly jumped from the bridge before responding authorities could stop him, according to the police chief. A death is being looked into.

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