Juvenile Suspects Involved with Defrauding Victims at Lakeside School, Eufaula Identified

An investigation into several credit/debit card numbers being obtained and fraudulently used has culminated in the arrest of 4 juveniles.

All victims and suspects in the investigation attend The Lakeside School in Eufaula.
During the investigation, it was discovered that the unauthorized purchases have been taking place since the last school year.

Five victims have been identified thus far, although there may be additional compromised accounts discovered. The card numbers were being obtained in an area common to athletes where the suspects were going through personal property and finding the cards.

The cards were then photographed, shared among the suspects, and purchases made. One victim’s card had over 200 unauthorized transactions made against it. Fraudulent purchases totaling almost $5,000 were made against the cards and accounts, with the suspects receiving the illegally obtained goods.

Some of the property has been recovered. The four suspects arrested range in age from 14 to 17 and an addition arrest may be forthcoming. The names of the suspects will not be compromised or released to anyone due to their juvenile status.

All suspects were arrested on charges of Fraudulent use of a Credit Card , which is a felony in Alabama. Juvenile petitions were obtained and juvenile court proceedings are pending.

If anyone has any additional information that may be useful in this case, they are urged to contact the Eufaula Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 334-687-1200 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 334-6897-7100.

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