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In Istanbul Küçükçekmece, the decision was made about the woman who cut off her mother’s head and put it in a pot, and then took the meat out of her leg and hid it. The court ruled that the woman who brutally murdered her mother should be released from custody, but not released and hospitalized.

Sevilay Palabıyık, 67, complained that her daughter threatened her when she was brutally murdered by her 35-year-old daughter Tuğçe Sayın in Istanbul Küçükçekmece in 2021. In the case of Mr. Sayin, who cut off his mother’s head and put it in a pot, then scraped the meat off his left leg and kept it, the court gave its decision.

Crime is not enough mental illness’
Serpil Dönmez, lawyer of Palabiyik, who was brutally murdered, said: “We are requesting a new report on the defendant’s state of health. Having bipolar disorder is not enough to constitute a mental illness for the current crime. The victim’s confession made two days before the incident. In the incident, it appears that the victim wanted to go to a shelter. “The victim has a wet-signed statement. It seems that this statement was not taken into account, and we demand a criminal complaint be filed against the negligent officer.”

In announcing its decision, the court board decided that there was no room for a separate sentence because the accused Tuğçe Sayın was unable to commit a crime due to mental illness. The court decided to take security measures for the mentally ill, to release them from custody, but not for release, but for protection and treatment in a high-security psychiatric facility.

In the indictment prepared by the Küçükçekmece Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the late Sevilay Palabıyık filed a complaint against her daughter Tuğçe Sayın, claiming that on May 21, 2021, her daughter threatened her with a knife and asked her to take her bracelet and make it at home. .

It was recorded that Tuğçe Sayın went home to kill her mother on May 24, 2021, and after it was reported that despite the decision to be taken away, no contact was made with her relatives, she went home safely. It was determined that the head of the victim was cut off and the flesh of his left leg was stripped.

In the indictment, Tuchesaian said, “He took everything that belonged to me. I told my father the last thing I did. I confessed everything. I will not apologize for not having it anyway. Do it. The devil owns me. I can’t.”

In the indictment prepared by the public prosecutor, it was also stated that Tuğçe Sayın had suspicions about his mental health, and that he was not suspected of criminal responsibility as a result of the examinations carried out by the Forensic Medicine Institute Vocational Branch and the Forensic Medicine Institute. for his crimes. Fourth professional committee. Security measures were requested for Tuğçe Sayın.

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