Keiko Rae leaked videos viral on twitter and reddit

Keiko Rae leaked videos viral on twitter and reddit; What happened?

In the corruption scandal this country is going through, some words and phrases have a double meaning. Terms like “little brother” or “ten green” took on new meaning.

For this reason, some users on the social network have gone to the highest institution of the Spanish language: the Royal Academy, to clear their grammatical doubts.

That’s how on Twitter an internet user asked RAE about the correct way to write “Mrs. K”, a mysterious figure mentioned in the so-called “Voice of Shame”, who is behind the entire web of corruption in Deeply entrenched in power at the top.

“Hi @RAEinforma. If I write ‘mrs K’ as a pseudonym for Korina, Kristen or Keiko, are the ‘s’ and ‘k’ capitalized or just the ‘k’ for Keiko…?” he asked, one of your accounts user.

On Friday, the RAE issued a response. “#RAEconsultas noun «ma’am» is a common name, and even if it is a respectful treatment, it is lowercased (on the other hand, the abbreviation for treatment remains traditionally capitalized). The nickname «K» (for Keiko) must With initial capitals: “Mrs. K”; “Mrs. K “”.

The announcement came as a surprise to some, as the RAE decided to use the name “Keiko” to exemplify its response.

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