Leo Thompkins Death, Coronation Street spoilers reddit, killer Stephen Reid commits his first murder

Tonight’s Coronation Street episode featured the unexpected death of Leo Thompkins, played by Joe Frost, at the hands of Stephen Reid, played by Todd Boyce.

Stephen’s storyline has just begun; therefore, it wasn’t likely to have a positive outcome for Leo. Recently, he resolved to tell the Platts about Stephen’s lies.

Since finding out about him, Stephen and Jenny — also known as Sally Ann Matthews — shared a kiss. This happened before Leo became suspicious of the businessman’s lies and observations.

Because Stephen is crafty and manipulative, playing the “family being too inquisitive” card was enough to make his relatives barely pay attention to what he had to say.

Tonight’s Coronation Street episode ended with Stephen Reid, aka Todd Boyce, killing Joe Frost’s Leo Thompkins.

It’s unlikely that Leo will have a good ending considering Stephen’s story line just began. Leo recently decided to tell the Platts about Stephen’s lies, which motivated him.

Suspicious of the businessman prior to the discovery, Leo caught Stephen out on a few lies after he shared a kiss with Jenny, or Sally Ann Matthews.

Stephen’s family didn’t pay much attention to what he had to say because they believe he’s very manipulative. Using the fact that they were being nosey as an excuse allowed the engineer to effectively ignore his family.

Leo revealed to the Platts that Stephen is a liar straight from the horse’s mouth— he overheard Stephen speaking with Gabrielle Maksoud tonight.

Stephen told Sue Nicholls in the middle of the day that he intended to steal a large amount of money from her. Leo immediately told everyone else his plan to reveal Stephen’s intentions.

Leo said goodbye to viewers of ITV.
Stephen’s desperation increased when he found himself in a showdown on the factory gantry. He didn’t expect his world to crumble, so he attacked Leo by hitting his head against the railing and throwing his body over the edge. Leo landed in the waste bin below.

Just before Tina O’Brien’s character Sarah arrives, Stephen thought he knocked Leo out cold by accident. However, it turns out he knocked him out way deeper than expected.

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