Leo Varadkar nightclub video leaked and viral on reddit and twitter

Leo Varadkar nightclub video leaked and viral on reddit and twitter; What happened?

Leo Varadkar has declined to comment on a video showing him at a nightclub that has gone viral on the internet. The video sparked a flurry of comment and debate online, but Tanest described it as a “private matter” related to his private life and therefore unrelated to his professional life as a politician.

Enterprises Minister Varadkar attended a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to outline the ministry’s plans for a “greener, more digital” economy going forward.

At the event, the Irish Mirror asked Mr Varadkar if he would condemn a stranger filming him in a nightclub for a gross invasion of his privacy. The Mirror understands the filming took place at a popular club in central Dublin during a gay night out last Saturday night.

We also asked Tánaiste if he thinks this level of scrutiny that politicians are now being subjected to is bad, and if he thinks it’s just to keep people from speaking up for the public to report to office. Mr Varadkar responded:

“I think this is a very personal matter and as you say it relates only to my private life and for those reasons I do not want to comment on it.”

Mr Varadkar is currently Tánaiste, second in government, but will take over as prime minister in less than two weeks. This is not the first time Mr Varadkar’s personal life has grabbed headlines.

A photo of the country’s most prominent politician meeting friends in Phoenix Park during Covid-19 in May 2020 caused social media to crash.

The TODAY prime minister was photographed shirtless picnicking with friends, including his partner Dr. Matt Barrett, on a sunny day. There were official warnings about picnics and other events, but Mr Varadkar insisted he was careful not to break lockdown rules about social distancing and the like.

Mr Varadkar had been living at Steward’s Lodge, Taoiseach’s official residence on the Farmleigh House grounds. Between May 2020 and July 2020, the then Prime Minister of Ireland made several stops here, including eight nights after Michael Martin became Prime Minister on 27 June.

Last September, another time during Covid, Mr Varadkar was photographed at a music festival in London when he was in Ireland to do so, as outdoor events were still restricted to a maximum of 200 people.

Mr Varadkar is a huge Kylie Minogue fan and was so excited to meet her at a concert here in April 2019 that he wrote her a letter.

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