Luis Herrera, 19-year-old Suspect Killed In Officer Related Shooting; LAPD Set to Release Body Cam Footages

The Los Angeles Police Department is set to release body camera video and radio calls from a fatal officer-involved shooting Saturday September 17, 2022, of a 19-year-old man who was holding what reportedly turned out to be an Airsoft rifle, Police Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday.

The victim was later identified as Luis Herrera of Los Angeles. The California Attorney General’s office is investigating the shooting.

Officers were called at about 1:20 p.m. Saturday to a home at Grand Avenue and 102nd Street on a report of a domestic violence incident. Moore told the Board of Police Commissioners that Herrera emerged from the front door as officers approached the front porch, holding “what appeared to be a black assault rifle.”

According to Moore, the officers gave verbal commands for Herrera to drop the weapon, but Herrera refused to comply, shouldered the weapon and pointed it directly at the officers — at which point the officers fatally shot Herrera.

Herrera fell to the ground holding the Airsoft rifle and was handcuffed. Moore said officers later determined the weapon was an Airsoft rifle “manufactured to replicate an assault rifle.”

Moore said radio calls indicated that Herrera called the police and that Herrera’s father was reportedly under the influence.

Herrera’s father, Vicente Herrera, told the Los Angeles Times the family dispute began when his son struck one of his dogs. He said that after police arrived, he was surprised when his son came out of the house holding the Airsoft rifle. He also said he informed officers at the scene that the gun was a toy.

“I shouted, `That’s a fake gun, it’s a fake gun, don’t shoot him,”‘ he told the paper. “But they shot him six times. They never told him, `Put the weapon down’ or nothing.”

Airsoft rifles fire plastic pellets and are non-lethal.

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