Madingo Afework Death and Obituary, The Renowned Ethiopian Vocalist Madingo Afework is Dead, Cause of Death

OH MY God is couldn’t believe it about Artists Madingo Afework died God give him peace in rest my legend musicians.

Madingo Afewerk is an Ethiopian singer that specializes in both traditional and contemporary music. He was born in the Gondar region of Ethiopia and was influenced by several famous singers as a child.

These included Elias Tebabal, Ephrem Tamiru, Muluken Melese and Meles Edeshe. As a child, Madingo was admired and fondly remembered by many fans because of his ability to imitate these artists’ songs.

The musician Madingo was enticed by the sounds of a nearby garrison when he was only ten years old. When he arrived at the garrison, soldiers were impressed with his singing ability and enlisted him in their orchestra. Soldiers gave Madingo his nickname, which he used for the rest of his life. He spent most of his childhood in the garrison.

Madingo arrived in Addis Ababa in his teenage years. While a member of the Zema Lastas Band, he mimicked popular songs at night clubs. This earned him admiration from many.

His first album was produced soon after producers observed the boy’s promising talent. Its songs like “Seyame Atahulat” and “Aman Newey Goraw” became instant hits.

Madingo’s exceptional talent was first demonstrated at a young age. He participated in several live stage shows alongside some of the world’s best known singers. One of his greatest achievements was singing the Ethiopian cultural song Tizita in three different ways— just like three different singers would do with a single release.

Madingo perfectly imitated each of the three singers, making it difficult to distinguish his version from the original. His talent and creativity are what inspired admiration in others. Something remarkable about his voice control abilities.

Artist Madingo donates his time to charitable causes without charge.

The Ethiopian Millennium celebration hosted an event organized by the Ethiopian Music Association. Young vocalists who were recommended in the event were considered the best; Assefa Ashagrie stood first and received a medal from President Girma W/Giorgis.

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