Mark Hitt Death – Obituary: Guitarist and Song Recorder is Dead

Mark started playing violin at age 7 and switched to guitar at 11. Mark uses a progressive, unorthodox approach to guitar improvisation. His emphasis on a unique, “out of the box” phrasing technique, while maintaining a solid blues foundation throughout, sets him apart from other mainstream guitarists.

Mixing raw, bubbly rock riffs with violin-like phrases, Mark says, “Wherever I’m on the fretboard, my roots are still blues”.

Mark has written, recorded and toured with: Robin Zander Band, Rat Race Choir, Annie Haslam, Eddie Jobson, Eddie Kramer, The Tubes, Zebra, CPR, Leslie West, Tony Visconti, Richie Havens, Felix Cavaliere, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Maggie Bell, John Entwistle and John Bonham.

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