Martese Oliver Death and Obituary, Man Killed in Northeast Portland Hotel Shootout Identified

The Portland Police Bureau has identified a man killed in a shooting outside a northeast Portland hotel on Sunday morning.

Officers say the body of 26-year-old Martese Oliver, of Washington, was found just before 3:30 a.m. Sunday when officers responded to a hotel near Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Northeast 82nd Avenue. Oliver was pronounced dead on the scene.

A medical examiner ruled Oliver’s death as a homicide from a gunshot wound. A neighbor who lives nearby said she was home when it happened.

“I was asleep,” the neighbor, Brenda, said. “I heard a couple gunshots and then I heard a car zoom off.”

She went upstairs to ask her granddaughter, who was awake. “I said, ‘did you hear anything?’” Brenda said. “She’s like, ‘somebody just shot some gunshots and zoomed off.’ Then a few minutes later, there was police cars everywhere.”

Multiple hotel guests FOX 12 spoke with said they were all asleep and didn’t hear a sound. They said they weren’t surprised something like this happened.

Brenda said, after living in the area for 25 years, she also isn’t shocked this much violence happens just yards away from her family.

“There was a lot of stuff going on over there last night so I knew something was gonna happen,” she said. “I’m just glad my grandson didn’t hear it. My great-grandson, he’s five.”

Police have not made any arrests or released any suspect information. Parking lots were closed while homicide detectives investigated.

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