Mckamey Manor leaked videos and photos viral on twitter, reddit; House So Terrifying

At this time of year, Halloween is fast approaching, and there’s always a highlight that takes me and some buddies back to the depths of the haunted house for a few beers, and the fact that the actors inside can’t touch you or do anything to physically harm you.

Knowing this, it’s always a good time for you and your best friend to shine a light on each other because the meth head in a Michael Myers costume scared you to death and nearly had a heart attack.

This is enough to potentially harm you, and possibly even send you to a mental hospital.

In fact, some call it a real torture chamber, and it shouldn’t even be open for business.

Once you’ve planned your trauma-inducing experience, join this horror feast that lasts 10+ hours…and more. Who really knows if there will be an ending. If you complete the ride (and follow their rules, such as no cursing, drinking, smoking, walking, eating, or touching actors or props), you’ll win $20,000.

Their website gives you all the information you need, and it even seems out of control and scary, but somehow over 20,000 people have applied to participate. Admittedly, the entry fee does not exceed a £50 bag of dog food (odd).

Based on the Nashville scene, the house could shave your head or eyebrows, inject you with hallucinogens, make you eat bugs, trap you with a mousetrap, wrap your face in plastic wrap, whip you, stun you , to bury you alive… . This is just the beginning.

So while they claim to be marked by the experience as a lifetime, others have attempted the challenge more than once. And as Russ filmed the entire encounter, there were tons of footage detailing what to expect.

There are tons of petitions calling for store closures. Some claimed they walked away with broken bones and bruises to undergo waterboarding, with founder Russ McKamey and his company failing to comply with the proposed safety word in time.

But despite the resistance…it seems to be continuing.

This is the original trailer that made McKamey Manor famous.

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