Mdchalklady leaked videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter; Full Video Link

Mdchalklady leaked videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter; Full Video Link

Merch is coming to OnlyF. By partnering with Spring (the merch company formerly known as TeeSpring, which was just acquired by Amaze), OnlyF creators will be able to sell physical products directly to supporters on their platform pages.

The feature works through integration. When you go to a creator page in the support store, you can see what products are available, and you’ll then be taken to their Spring page to make a purchase.

“As a creator-first organization, with over 3 million creators on OnlyF, this means over 3 million small businesses now have access to new monetization tools,” OnlyF CEO Ami Gan said in a release.

OnlyF does not participate in transactions, but the feature incentivizes creators to integrate their businesses more deeply into the platform. Last year, the company made a profit of $433 million and is on track to hit $2.5 billion in revenue this year — so OnlyF isn’t short on cash.

Creators using this new integration will see the same prices as any other Spring store. The amount a creative earns per unit sold depends on production costs. For example, if a hoodie costs $31.95 to print, then if they sell it for $50, the creative will earn $18.05 on the sale.

Creators can choose their own price points for their items, and they can choose the types of items to sell from over 120 products, including shirts, mugs, pillows, iPhone cases, and puzzles (we think this is an adult creation The brainchild of the author, who sells daring puzzles that are so much fun that someone should definitely do them).

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