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If global warming in late October means 78 and a sunny Saturday afternoon, then we’ll start burning the ozone layer more. I can get used to watching Ohio destroy Iowa from the patio while trying to clean out the fridge in the garage.

Well, if only we could get a little rain to blow the dust down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve defended the Big Ten as best I can over the years, but at this point, the conference is undeniable. Iowa State refused to hire a coach who wanted to play like the 21st century. After a big home football game on Saturday, I took my family to watch an OSU game at the local sports bar, and OSU fans didn’t even applaud as the Buckeyes scored touchdown after touchdown. Fans are bored.

Sports books know that Ohio State is boring. The Buckeyes entered a rare road game against Penn State with 14.5 points. It’s lunch time. Think about it. It’s not even a traditional nighttime white light game. It’s a classic game where Ohio State usually brings in little energy, completely frustrating fans, and then wins by 17 points.

The Baltimore Ravens also have another game scheduled against the team currently at .500 or higher – Cincinnati. Adjust your gambling accordingly.

This is not the end of Tom Brady’s career I imagined.
I used to believe that Aaron Rodgers could find a way to attract a group of Uber drivers and turn them into an NFC North championship team. As Buffalo’s trip looms, let’s see if Rodgers missed the playoffs. Green Bay is currently fifth in the NFL’s remaining schedule.

Is it time to award Brian Dabore Coach of the Year? Is the game over? In August, the Giants had a 6.5 overall O/U rating in Vegas. In case you just came out of a coma, the Giants are now 6-1 and they still get the Lions and the Commanders – twice. Go and redeem your tickets. The Giants have no chance of losing.

sit down? The Giants currently have a 90 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Do you sit for two? Best of the Week – The 5-2 Jets have a 73 percent chance of making the playoffs.

How long will Kevin Stefanski live in Cleveland’s Deshaun Watson era? The season’s Halloween loss to the Bengals was nearly over before Watson played a game.

I have to brag about my son. His football season ended Saturday at the buzzer with a right-footed shot that was the best of his life. Removed from right wing first class. Legitimate soccer goals for the big boys. The ball is in and the referee blows the whistle. competition is over. The season is over. Then we went to buy pizza and beer. It’s a perfect Saturday.


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