Mikey Mcnamara Death and Obituary, Business Leader and Legal Advisor Mikey Mcnamara is Dead, Cause of Death

Mike McNamara is a recognized global business leader and legal advisor who brings 25 years of professional services experience to our clients in the United States and around the world.

With a dynamic understanding of the intersection of business, law, innovation and regulation and client relationships, Mike advises multinational corporations, investor groups and high net worth individuals and their executives at the board level, helping them track complex transactions and encounter to interrupt.

He has been involved in structuring and negotiating more than $100 billion in transactions, especially as important public policy considerations are influenced by regulatory and political sensitivities.

Throughout his career, Mike has been deeply involved in crisis management and corporate response, advising clients on legal, political and stakeholder strategies for responding to major events and market volatility.

This includes responding to government investigations, international sanctions, court proceedings, corporate transaction matters, identifying ESG risks and opportunities, and working with family offices and high net worth individuals on their business priorities.

Mike most recently completed ten years of senior management at Denton, first as an integration partner for the first transatlantic merger, then as U.S. Managing Director and then as Dentons’ U.S. CEO. Under Mike’s leadership, Dentons America has experienced tremendous growth, recruited an excellent team of partners, including through the integration of a 100-story Wall Street group and cross-strait mergers, and launched its national law firm strategy.

This resulted in Dentons USA merging with five U.S. offices within 18 months, making it the largest region among the world’s largest law firms. Mike has served on the Global Management Committee and the Global Board of Directors and has been instrumental in the company’s global growth.

All of these initiatives were made possible thanks to Mike’s tenacity, hard work and responsiveness, which has delivered significant benefits to our clients and resulted in the strongest financial results in the company’s history.

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