Nick Rekieta Law Banned of Youtube, Whats happened locals on twitter?

POV: you threatened to line me up against the wall and shoot me and then doxed all my followers who sent complaints about your conduct to the Minnesota Bar Association. Clown celebrates canceling Nick Rekieta Law. Now is a good time to recall the age-old saying, what goes around, comes around.

Nick Rekieta, also known as Rekeita Law on YouTube, is a licensed attorney in Minnesota and a veteran of the trial streaming format.

In fact, in an interview with Insider in April, Mazeika said she found the bug in a stream of Kyle Rittenhouse trials that appeared on Rekieta, which also had a six-figure concurrent count.

Throughout the process, Playboard identified Rekieta’s total Super Chat donation at $193,137 (R3 million). Rekieta told Insider that before federal and state income taxes, his supervoice earnings during the period totaled $135,259. Insider verified the number with the screenshot he provided.

That said, there are some slight caveats. In addition to his trial streams, he said, Rekieta — a self-proclaimed litigator who regularly tackles legal issues on Scotch — does a nightly show that isn’t necessarily Depp vs. Heard related.

While he, like his peers, saw peaks during the trial, Rekieta is a super chat veteran.

If you just look at the US YouTuber, he’s on Playboard’s list of top 10 Super Chat winners every month this year. In November 2021, the month of Rittenhouse’s trial, at $148,747 (before fees), he became the world’s highest earner per Playboard in Super Chat.

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