Percy Lapid Death and Obituary, Veteran radio commentator Percival Mabasa killed in Las Pinas Shooting

Veteran radio commentator Percival Mabasa, better known as Percy Lapid, was shot dead Monday night in Las Pinas.

“Percy Lapid, one of the prominent radio commentators and former broadcaster of DWIZ 882 KHZ AM, was robbed and died at 8pm tonight in Las Pinas,” his DWIZ colleague Marou Sarne wrote on Facebook Monday night. .

Two gunmen on motorcycles reportedly opened fire on Rapid’s vehicle.
Rapid, a well-known critic of former President Rodrigo Duterte and President Ferdinand “Bomb” Marcos Jr., has a radio show called “Rapid Fire” on DWBL 1242.

Rapide is the older brother of former National Press Club president and former Manila Bulletin reporter Roy Mabassa.

His last broadcast was on the 30th.

Previously, the Minister for Education (DepEd) had met with the security services and she had also delivered messages to criminals and terrorists.

Recall that Sarah Duterte met with security forces on her second day as a senior official in the country, while President Ferdinand “Bomb” Marcos Jr. was on a state visit.

Marcos Duterte was appointed Chief of Staff to the President from September 4 to 7 under Special Order No. 75 during the President’s state visits to Indonesia and Singapore.

The security sector consists of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Philippine Army, the Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Navy, the Philippine National Police (PNP), and the Bureau of Prisons Enforcement Fire Department.

During the aforementioned meeting, they discussed the current “state of peace and order” in the country and how to keep the Filipino people safe during the president’s absence.

The vice president also ordered the security services to show no mercy to terrorists and criminals.

Meanwhile, a broadcaster claiming to be a relative of Senator Lito Rapide criticized the vice president, calling her “epal.”

“Habang wala ‘yung pusa eh umeepal ang daga,” he said.

“Ano ba eto, kala ko Department of ID*** este, Education si Sikwatary ito, eh bakit siya nakikipagpulong sa National Defense at AFP? Architectural Supervisor? Bakit can banta ba, wala naman ah!” he added.

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