Pixel 7 on reddit leaked pictures, Pixel 7, 7 Pro and Pixel Watch launch

Google’s October event is just around the corner, and we’re expecting a full reveal of the Google Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch, and perhaps a few other devices to join the mix.

While Google has revealed the general design of its new Pixel products, and some leaks have filled in the gaps in the specs, we still haven’t heard anything about what these devices will feature. Since Google is the master of smart software, we can expect some interesting features, and possibly some surprises.

Officially called the “Made by Google” launch event, you can watch the demo live on October 6th. We’ve embedded the player below, and today we’ll be covering all the important Google Pixel news on this live blog.

Pixel 7 Pro: Google’s latest $899 flagship is sure to impress. The Pixel 7 Pro features a Tensor chipset, a 6.7-inch OLED display, and plenty of camera upgrades. These include a powerful 5x telephoto lens and a new close-up macro focus mode. The Pixel 7 Pro also gets Video Cinema Blur, which harnesses the power of Tensor to add artistic blur and shallow depth of field to your videos. The Pixel 7 Pro can also lock the subject while zooming in on photos and videos.

Tensor also supports the new Photo Unblur, which blurs your photos in the same way Magic Eraser can erase things. Night Sight has also been updated and is now twice as fast, meaning you should get more stable footage in low light. Finally, the Pixel 7 Pro has Face Unlock, which works with a fingerprint sensor to recognize your face through machine learning, providing authentication to unlock your phone.

Pixel 7: Don’t ignore the $599 Pixel 7. While it lacks the Pixel 7 Pro’s larger, higher-resolution screen, 5x telephoto camera, and 12GB of RAM, the Pixel 7 should still offer excellent value with a 6.3-inch -90Hz OLED display. With the Tensor G2 chipset, you can get flagship-level performance with tons of intelligent AI and machine learning. You get the same software quality as the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google Pixel Watch: As Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch may be Google’s most exciting device in years. It will have a minimalist, sleek design and run Watch OS with a host of built-in Fitbit features. And also slanted many belts. The question is whether it can beat the mighty Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch 8.

Google wants the Pixel tablet to stand out by pairing with a new charging speaker dock. It keeps your device charged and unlocks new experiences. (Imagine a smart display that doubles as a tablet.)

You can say “Hey Google” and play classical music. You can control all your smart home devices, including the thermostat. You can also view your family photos while docked.

It should be easy to dock and detach, with a soft-touch design that feels comfortable in the hand.

Next up is the Google Pixel tablet. It’s designed to be a companion to your phone and Google Home device. Using the materials you design, you can customize the interface to your liking.

According to Google, this is the best way to experience Android on a tablet, and more apps support split-screen and pen input.

The Tensor G2 chip brings some of the best Pixel 7 phone features to the tablet, helping with things like photos and video calls.

The Google Pixel Watch starts at $349 and is available for pre-order today. It goes on sale next week and comes with 6 months of Fitbit Premium.

Pixel Watch gives you a daily readiness score (if you have Fitbit Premium) that tells you whether to exercise or rest. There are also Active Zone Minutes to make your workouts more productive.

Fitbit sleep tracking is another selling point for the Pixel Watch. You can see your sleep score and how much time you spend in different stages. The aim is to better understand your sleep quality.

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