PNB Rock Death and Obituary, Rapper PnB Rock shot dead in Los Angeles

PNB Rock shot in Los Angeles, California

Over the weekend, PnB Rock is back with their new single “Luv Me Again”. The song was his first independent album, recorded by D.A. Got the Drugs In the new release, the Philadelphia-raised singer sings to a brisk guitar-led beat that’s the perfect throwback to his amorous lyrics:

I want to hear it again (again), so tell me you love me again (love me again) / tell me you trust me again (trust me again), tell me it’s us to the end (till the end) / I want to again touch you (again), i want to hug you again (hugging again), i want to fuck you again (fuck you again) / shorty, let’s make a plan (yeah), i’m going in mine tonight (Tonight) / Private jet, I didn’t miss my flight (no flight)

Come on, put that dk in your life (Dk in your life) and I’m trying to make you my wife (yes) special (you’re special)/Meet me Having sex (having sex) after your first day/

“If you haven’t heard I’ve released my first indie single on all platforms!” he wrote on Instagram. “‘Guess all the love I’ve gotten from my fans and supporters, no madman, is going to the moon with us.’”

Earlier this year, PnB Rock shared its SoundCloud Daze project, a 12-song tribute to a defining era featuring Pasto Flocco, Yung Fazo, Tennisboywill and Iayze. Previously, PnB Rock celebrated its birthday in December with an EP called 2 Get You Thru The Rain. The production spanned six tracks with names like Lil Baby and Young Thug, and was preceded by his viral single “HIGH.”

Be sure to hit PnB Rock’s brand new single “Luv Me Again” below.

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