Pombos zumbis on reddit videos, virus turns pigeons into wry-necked zombies

Residents of the tranquil British island of Jersey are terrified of a new virus that is killing pigeons, according to the Mirror. Like zombies, these animals developed a range of neurological symptoms, with twisted necks and fluttering wings, and could no longer fly like zombies and walk in circles.

Many animals in the area had to be euthanized and there are fears that the disease could spread to other birds in the UK.

The disease, which has been classified as pigeon paramyxovirus, also known as Newcastle disease, does not seriously affect humans, only causing conjunctivitis.

“The disease is extremely contagious and spreads through feces and other secretions,” explained a spokesperson for the Jersey Society for the Protection of Animals.

“The virus can survive longer in the wet, cold months, which means clusters are more common at this time of year,” he said.

According to a veterinary report, the disease is untreated and infected animals die within days, but birds with the highest resistance continue to spread the virus through pigeons in the area.

There may be an uncontrolled spread of the virus in the area, as the notification of the disease is only mandatory if it affects animals in captivity. Wildlife found contaminated does not need to be reported to authorities.

Reports of bird deaths in other parts of the UK have also raised alarm in the UK government. Geese have been found dead on beaches across the country, and colonies of diving birds are believed to be a new strain of avian flu affecting animals across the country.


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