Rangers legend Allie McCoist Mom Jessie Death and Obituary, Cause of Death

Rangers legend Allie McCoist Mom Jessie Death and Obituary, Cause of Death

Ally McCoist’s mum has died. Is somebody playing Sevco disaster bingo??

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Rangers legend Allie McCoist has revealed that Prince William and his security once stole his seat on a flight to Aberdeen and then spoke to him about John McGinn.

The Prince of Wales, a huge Villa fan, was visibly delighted when McGinn was snapped up by the Midlands side and was delighted to speak to McCoist on the flight to Aberdeen. The Rangers hero, who didn’t even realise it was Prince William who slid his seat on the plane until they landed, stuck his head out of the front seat to thank McCoist.

The former Ibrox player and manager admitted he was shocked to find out this was the new heir to the throne, but was delighted to have a football chat with him. They chatted about McGinn and his future at Villa Park, with the Scotland international apparently a big fan of the Prince.

Earlier this week, the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 sent Britain into mourning as McCoist discussed his memories of the Queen on talkSPORT.

He told Laura Woods: “I was flying from London to Aberdeen and someone took my seat and they put me in the back and I said don’t worry and I did.

“We got to Aberdeen and I was sitting behind the guy who gave me the seat. But looking out the window, the head poked in and a voice said: ‘Thank you, how are you? “

“I looked and it’s one of the most surreal things, it’s Prince William. Prince William’s head is sticking out of the front seat, thank me. It must have been the security and the first thing I thought was ‘thank god I didn’t make a fuss.

“Then I had a great conversation with the prince about John McGinn and the road to Aston Villa. He’s a huge Villa fan.

“He left, he went downstairs and got into the car, drove himself, and left.”

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