Santa cruz high shooting today news, Active shooter reported in California

I am on scene at Santa Cruz High School where a reported emergency is unfolding, an officer says there was a report of shots fired. Massive amount of sirens inbound. #Breaking

Police are scheduled to respond to a report of an active gunman at Santa Cruz High School in California on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 27.

Heavily armed police and Santa Cruz County lawmakers were said to be at Santa Cruz High School. There were the first reports of the lockdown.

A tweet from local reporter Jaden Schaul told @jadenschaul that he was on the scene because of reports of an emergency developing.

The original Santa Cruz High School building was built in 1895 and first opened in 1897. Previously, all high school courses were taught on the fourth floor of Guanlan Middle School. The first class graduated from Smith Opera House on June 7, 1878, with four students: Evelyn Pope, Cornelia Chappelmann, John Cooper, and Underwood McCann, who received their diplomas. The need for a separate building was decided in 1894 by a vote of 530 to 175, and it was constructed in 1895.


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