Sarah Juree leaked photos and video viral on reddit and twitter, A Teacher Who Joined OnlyFans

A man from the community emailed her employer before she was fired; the same man also posted a photo of her OnlyF account on his blog.

Earlier this year, a single mother who opened an OnlyF account to supplement her income was fired from her teaching job after her employer discovered the account.

It might have something to do with it shortly after a blogger posted photos from the OnlyF account without her consent.

For about six years, Sarah Juree worked as a full-time teacher in South Bend, Indiana, as part of the Department of Defense’s STARBASE education program, which introduces fifth graders to science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM. But the single mother of twins says she can’t support her family on a meager salary of $55,000 a year, especially as the cost of living in the United States continues to rise.

Juree said her rent alone accounts for nearly half of her income, and her employer does not offer health insurance. “That’s another fee,” Juree told VICE News. “Plus my kid’s car insurance, groceries and expenses.”

A friend told Juree that she made $10,000 in a month after opening an OnlyF account, and Juree was intrigued. To her, it felt like a “viable way” to make money and no longer live on paychecks. Soon, she asked her friends to teach her how to start a page.

Juree’s OnlyF account went live in early June. At the end of June, she was fired as a teacher.

Juree’s resignation letter, seen by VICE News, said she was fired for “posting inappropriate photos without CEO approval that violated multiple Starbase policies.” The photos “pose a real and imminent risk of damaging the program’s reputation or business relationship,” the letter added.

Julie was stunned. Around the time Juree set up her OnlyF account, she said she chatted with a colleague and her boss about side projects that fall under the sex work category, including the OnlyF page.

“My boss was so excited, he said, ‘Yeah, you can start a page. You can make a lot of money. You can sell your panties on a website,’” Juree said. “It seemed to me, ‘Great, I won’t have any problems with my job because my boss really told me to sell my panties on OnlyF.’”

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