Semina Halliwell leaked video viral on reddit and twitter; Rape victim getting jumped

Semina Halliwell leaked video viral on reddit and twitter; Rape victim getting jumped

Her mother told Sky News that a 12-year-old rape victim committed suicide immediately after being interviewed by a police officer who had previously prevented her from bringing criminal charges and subsequently failed to properly examine her.

Autistic Semina Halliwell claims she was raped by an older boy who went to the same school as her and used Snapchat to get her to meet him secretly.

After Semina fell, her mother, Rachel Halliwell, contacted police and told her what had happened after the serious self-harm incident.

But according to two family members who were interviewed at the scene, Merseyside police “made Semina feel like she was causing them an inconvenience” and made no charges against the alleged perpetrator named by Semina.

Rachel and Semina’s aunt Claire Halliwell said the chief detective “sit there and started talking about all the forms he had to fill out if she made a complaint and how long it would take him to fill them out.”

The detective “told Semina that basically your words were for him and you really wanted this hanging over your head for 18 months because it wasn’t going to last 18 months to two years in court,” Claire said.

They added that Semina’s autism has made it difficult for her to express herself to strangers.

The family told Sky News Merseyside Police had not notified schools in Semina of the reported rape, although they had been assured protective measures would be in place. This meant she was forced to stay at home as she was unprotected from contact with the alleged perpetrator.

Following the initial interview, Semina and her family — including a sibling — were the target of a campaign of online and offline bullying and witness intimidation that included multiple violent attacks that the family believed were violent The attack was carried out by associates of the alleged abuser, who say Merseyside Police were also unable to conduct a full investigation.

“They said anyone who went to the police station was going to be kicked in the head. That’s exactly what happened. Semina was beaten three times, filmed, and her [siblings] were beaten at school,” Rachel said. Say.

During that time, only two girls were charged for assaulting Semina, the family said. They complained that other incidents had not been fully investigated.

Rachel was also found guilty of the assault that occurred shortly after Semina named the alleged perpetrator. Sky News was unable to identify the victim for legal reasons.

“Despite the video of [Semina] being beaten on social media, the police didn’t do anything about it. The officer, the detective said, ‘Okay, things have calmed down now, so if I keep walking around, it’s going to start,’” Ray said. Chell added.

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