Shylah Rodden; Victim Hospitalized in Horrific Rollercoaster Accident

The victim of a shocking roller coast accident has been identified as Melbourne based woman Shylah Rodden.

Ms Rodden, aged 26, remains in intensive care after sustaining horrific injuries in the accident, which remains under investigation.

Her father, Alan Ridden, says there is great mystery surrounding the situation. On Monday, police claimed Shylah was struck by the ride at the Royal Melbourne Show while trying to retrieve her mobile phone from the tracks, however eye witnesses claim she had been on the ride.

Horrified audience members watched on as the chaos unfolded, with paramedics treating Shylah for serious injuries before she was taken to hospital. Her father suggests these injuries are life-changing.

“Obviously I can’t talk to my daughter. She’s going to be in a coma for quite a while,” Mr Rodden told Daily Mail Australia.

“The injuries are horrific. Horrific. She’s brain damaged. It’s pelvic, her arms, legs, back, neck – there’s hardly a thing that’s not broken. I just can’t work out how the hell so much damage has been done. Even the doctors have said they haven’t seen anything as bad as this for a long time.”

One witness, who had been positioned next to the ride, claimed police assertions the woman had been retrieving a phone were not accurate.

“I did not see her walking or climbing on the tracks at all, we saw her flying from the ride, where she landed and how she landed is not consistent with being hit,” a woman claimed.

“Not from what we witnessed. We were standing right next to the ride when it happened.”

The witness had taken her young son on the ride shortly before the accident.

“We saw her fall from the ride, (heard) the scream and the crack of her hitting the ground. My husband was one of the first on the scene. We were standing right next to it when it happened ,” she said.

In a statement issued by Victoria Police, investigators claimed the woman may have walked onto the track to try and retrieve a dropped phone.

Speaking to ABC Mornings host Virginia Trioli on Monday, Show CEO Brad Jenkins refused to say whether there was a fence around the ride or how high that fence was.

The incident remains under investigation and anyone who witnessed it are urged to call crime stoppers.

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