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TikTok is dominated by the likes of Addison Rae, Loren Gray and Dixie D’Amelio — who are pretty much household names at this point.

Although we have noticed a new TikToker on the platform and her following is growing rapidly.

Judging by her bio, Sky Fontaine (@skyfontainee), who is relatively new to TikTok, reads: “Hey, I’m new! Follow me only when you’re ready to be obsessed 🥰.”

Although she may be new to the platform, her follower count is approaching 100,000. At the time of writing, Sky has 72,000 followers and follows only two accounts.

The rising social media star doesn’t reveal much personal information on her account. While she does have an Instagram account linked to her TikTok, that account has been privatized and has 37.6k followers.

Her Instagram bio shows that she is 18 years old. Her bio also has a link to her OnlyFans platform.

On TikTok, Sky primarily uses popular TikTok voices to create related comedy skits, adding their own lyrics.

With 2.5 million content views on TikTok, it’s fair to say TikTok users are excited about newcomers to the platform.

With her model-like appearance and engaging content, it’s easy to see why her following has grown so quickly in such a short period of time!

Sky Fontaine, whose TikTok name is @skyfontainee, has been creating content regularly since her first post in mid-February. You probably see new TikToks at least twice a week.

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