The rapper Tokischa leaked onlyfans videos viral on twitter and reddit, Full Video Link

Madonna announced that she will release a duet with Dominican rapper Tokischa titled “Hung Up” on September 19, which she promoted on her Instagram account, featuring a clip from the music video and the couple posing a cartoon in a provocative pose.

The 64-year-old pop diva captioned “We Are Bad Girls” along with a series of short clips showing that the song will feature a Latin-rhythm dembow and suggestive lyrics. It may interest you: Singer Nicky Jam will receive a Billboard Hall of Fame award for his musical career

In one of the illustrations, the couple appear to be kissing on the mouth, an affectionate gesture they have shared publicly before at Pride celebrations and at a New York Fashion Week show.

Tokischa, 26, commented on “Despierta América” ​​that he has a friendly and professional relationship with Madonna, but added that, beyond that, they like each other: “It’s romantic, it’s beautiful, we’re having a great time.” Sweet moment. I love it,” he said.

Local city media reported that after receiving complaints from neighbors that the music was too loud, police went to the location where the “hanging” video clip was shot near Washington Heights in northern Manhattan and ordered it.
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According to Billboard, the collaboration is a remix of Madonna’s 2005 release of the dance song of the same name, which was released as part of a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the album “Erotic”, of which a limited edition vinyl disc is located. limited. about to be released.

The vinyl record containing the song “Erotica” was available for pre-order, and a photo on its cover showed Madonna sucking on her toes, which was censored at the time because it was deemed too important for the store and the public.

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