Troy Prudencio Death and Obituary, 24-year-old Miner Dies After Being Pinned by Fallen Tree at Lethem, Region 9

The incident occurred on September 17, 2022, around 3:22 hours at Gold Finger Landing. The victim has been identified as Troy Prudencio, a 24-year-old miner of Lethem, Region 9.

Police say their enquiries revealed that the deceased and two other workers — ages 31 and 25, both miners, were in a camp cooking on the date and time mentioned above. At that time, there were several gusts of heavy winds and subsequently they heard the sound of a tree falling.

Troy Prudencio and the other two workers scampered to get out of the camp to safety but the deceased (Troy Prudencio) did not make it out of the camp in time and was pinned by the said tree.

The other two workers immediately removed the tree that pinned their co-worker, who was motionless at that time. They then took him to the Aurora Gold Mine where he was pronounced dead on arrival at about 15:22 hours by a doctor.

The body was examined and it was observed that the deceased had multiple injuries about his body. The body is currently being prepared to be transported to the Bartica Hospital’s Mortuary. Investigations are in progress. Stick with Insidecrime for more updates

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