Victoria Nelson Death and Obituary, Victim Identified in Guanapo landfill by Solid Waste Management Company

The woman who was killed in an accident at the Guanapo Landfill on Thursday September 15, 2022, has been identified as a 33-year-old Victoria Nelson.

Nelson, of La Retreat Road, Arima sustained fatal injuries when she came into contact with the bucket of an excavator at the landfill around 10:30am.

She died at the Arima Hospital while undergoing treatment. Solid Waste Management Company’s CEO Kevin Thompson said: “Words can’t express the grief I feel by this sudden loss of life and my prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased”.

Moreover, Solid Waste Management Company reiterates to users of the nation’s landfills that caution should be exercised while on the premises. These individuals are also urged to adhere to health and safety guidelines.

Further investigation continues. Relevant updates will be added as more information is obtained

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