Video Memakai Hijab leaked on twitter and reddit – cara memakai hijab segi empat

How to Wear a Quad Hijab for Teens that is Easy to Use – With a rectangular hijab, women can model the hijab to fit the shape of their face. The rectangular hijab is also very flexible because it can be shaped according to the event to be attended. Various materials and motifs are also its advantages.

video cara memakai hijab segi empat

For those who are new to the hijab or are bored with the same rectangular hijab style, of course they need inspiration to be able to look different every day. Without being confused, here are 8 tips on how to wear a rectangular hijab that is easy to use for teenagers.

video cara pakai hijab segi empat

Have you ever woken up late and had to rush to work? Or is there a sudden emergency that requires leaving the house immediately? In this case we must continue to appear, not carelessly, and of course cover our aurat, but we don’t have much time. Without getting confused, try this rectangular bandana.

First use ciput. As usual, fold the rectangular bandana into a triangle. Wear it on your head and secure a safety pin under your chin so it doesn’t come off easily. Then take one end of the hood and tie a knot on the other side of the hood. Neat and beautiful even in no time!

For formal events, sometimes the most appropriate hijab model is one that does not shake at all in front of the body. All parts of the hijab are reversed or tucked into clothes, so that our appearance looks very neat. This model is perfect for formal events such as weddings.

The initial steps are the same, namely using a ciput and wearing a folded triangular turban. Start by wrapping the hijab neatly around your neck. Then wrap the other side. At this stage, usually the ring around the neck is still a bit loose. You can do it here. But if you want to be neater, you can use pins on the left and right.

Want to appear in a very formal style but still look modern? Try this style. Use a ciput, then wear a turban that is folded into a triangle. The difference between the two methods above is that this time the hijab is not placed in the middle. But to one side. For example, in a 70:30 ratio, the left or right side is longer depending on taste.

Tuck the pin under your chin and wrap the long end behind your head. Attach pins to attach the ends to the back of the head. results? The long side of the hijab will cover the chest. Simple and fast!


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