Watch: Bucket list bonanza leaked video viral on twitter and reddit

Manhattan’s congressional candidate Mike Itkis gave up anything to win votes…and released six belts to show he was capable of going to Washington.

Itkis was embroiled in a fight with longtime current Jerry Nadler. The Challenger ran on a sexually positive platform, and to prove he wasn’t just talking, he released a 13-minute video of him performing with porn star Nicole Sage. He posted a video called “Bucket List Bonanza” on a popular porn site.

As for his credibility… Itkis is all about legalizing sex work, so that’s how he rolls.

He told City & State, “If I’m just talking about it, it doesn’t show my commitment to the issue. In fact, I did, and it was a huge learning experience and it actually affected my platform. elements above.”

The 53-year-old is attending as a standalone 3rd party…kind of like a cross between a birthday party and a birthday suit party!

He said it was the first time he had sex in front of the camera…but I felt like the problem I was trying to solve was very important…I wanted to talk about my problem in some way. “

Politics…it’s a tough business.


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