Watch DJ Levels and Shashl Leaked Video On Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok

SONGBIRD Ashleigh Moyo, better known as Shashl, has filed charges against her former lover and music producer Tafadzwa Kadzimwe aka Levels, co-owner of Mbares Chillspot Records.

Shashl, 23, is the daughter of former Health Minister Obadiah Moyo. Over the weekend, social media was flooded with a sex tape of the pair, which Levels is believed to have leaked on purpose to blackmail Shashl after they ended their relationship.

Music producer apologizes for hacked phone after nude photos leaked ahead of sextape However, Shashl told state media that his phone had not been stolen, and claimed the Levels were a mean person who deliberately leaked explicit content about them to embarrass them.

She also claims she was manipulated by Levels and forced into the relationship, which sometimes raped them. “He forced me into the situation. He made me sleep with him when I didn’t want to,” the singer said.

“It started on social media when people said Levels and Shashl were together, but we didn’t.” He was actually the one who posted the story. Then he started forcing me to sleep with him.

“I said no several times before he threatened me that he wouldn’t record my music.” The singer also said she was filing charges against Levels, calling him a violent person.

“I’m filing a complaint against him. He’s boasting that nothing can be done against him. I don’t know how to put it, but I’m in trouble because he’s blackmailing me. “He’s boasting that he’s a pariah. He was violent and he made me have sex which was actually more like rape.

“I had no choice but to report the incident to the police so that the truth would come out.” Meanwhile, a purported police memo has gone viral showing Shashl reporting the incident to the Borrowdale Police Department. Reports also claim that Levels has disappeared.


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